The Story of


Artist + Creator

Eldritch Deadwood is an artist and photographer from the Midwest who worked as a model in New York City, then relocated to Florida to explore art, photography, and design. The artist has worked with photographers, stylists, and MUAs the New York City, Chicago, and Milwaukee areas.

After working in fashion, ED moved to Florida to focus on art. ED was an art honors student and began exploring line art and drawing in 2017 after being inspired by Picasso and Joan Miró.

ED draws, paints, and shoots photographs with the intention of documenting this strange new world we are encountering. The work is a time-capsule that reflects our new reality; a glimpse of this time captured in lines, colors, and photographs.

Experimentation has always been important, as well as oddities and quirkiness. ED communicates through art, and wants others

to explain what they see when they perceive the work.

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